When it comes to 2019 design trends, we are set to have a year of contradictions. We foresee a revival of trends from clashing eras, not to mention those that oppose each other on the chromatic spectrum.

In the world of design, 2019 is a year for trends that boldly and fiercely pave new paths while drawing on concepts from history. It’s a year for disrupting the norm and playfully bringing to life colours and shapes.

With that in mind, here are seven design trends we expect will feature strongly through 2019.

1. Isometric design

Starting off our 2019 design trends, isometric design is just a fancy name for transforming anything that is three dimensional into two dimensions. It maintains the depth of 3D for a more realistic look while still utilising flat layers. In doing so, the image becomes both more visually appealing and easier to comprehend. As an additional bonus, isometric graphics can be saved in smaller files which translates to faster website loading (to understand the importance of this, check out our blog explaining how fast your website should load). In short, isometric design makes its way to our 2019 design trends list because of its simple yet effective way of communicating information that will work for almost any brand.

2. Vivid colours

We expect bright, vibrant colours to feature heavily in design in 2019. Trends across 2018 saw the design world embracing colour and we don’t anticipate that stopping any time soon. Especially since trailblazers, Apple, launched the Apple iPad Pro with a palette of vivid colours.

3. Brutalism

Birthed as an architectural movement in the 1950’s brutalism is characterised by bold, innovative structures with a brutal, blockish appearance which feature raw concrete as the primary material. Now reborn in the design world, you’ll know when you’re looking at brutalism. This 2019 design trend won’t be known for its subtlety. With simple designs and clean lines—almost a starkness—this style is eye-catching for its simplicity. Intentionally disregarding modern principles like user-friendliness and readability, brutalism is almost a homage to computer and graphic technology in the early days, utilising plain fonts and HTML-elements. This is one design trend set to take 2019 by storm that is hard-hitting and visually imposing.

4. Abstract geometric shapes

Abstract geometry is the 2019 design trend that hails back to a childhood of playing with blocks. Think the shapes game on steroids. From vibrant shapes and sculptured building blocks to nebulous blobs – designers will be playfully and abstractly overlaying and stacking geometric shapes to create an effect that communicates creativity and expansiveness.

5. An evolution of patterns

From subtle to bold, abstract to hand-drawn—patterns are back with a vengeance. This 2019 design trend sees a style that fell out of fashion brought to life in a new and exciting way. Harmonised by white backdrops and other more soothing elements, busy patterns find a more modern feel by contrasting clutter with minimalism.

6. Complex gradients and duotones

With the design world experiencing a love affair with gradients, this is another design trend unlikely to go anywhere in 2019. The gradient evolution has come leaps and bounds from the old days (remember Microsoft Office WordArt?), maintaining more subtle undertones and colour palettes. That said, gradients and duotones have been embraced by the colour movement and many are bright and bold.

7. Broken grid layouts

Overlapped and zig-zagged, grid layouts have had a massive makeover. Gone are the boring and basic templates that offer little in the way of visual appeal. Instead, trending in 2019 are grid designs that break with tradition. With a distinct look and feel, broken grids add depth and allow designs to breathe within ample negative space. They’re intriguing, unique and offer brands who wish to shake up their industry a new, fresh way to express their identity.