Take note: these social media content ideas will help you level up your game and ensure your brand stays fresh and your feed on point.

Is your well of inspiration for social media content running dry?

If you’ve been posting regularly for a while, chances are you’re now finding yourself scratching around for ideas to avoid becoming repetitive.

1.     Tap into trending topics

By jumping a trending topic bandwagon, you’re essentially getting a free ride into maximum exposure. Take the COVID pandemic for example. While it’s still getting plenty of airtime, at one point it was all anyone could talk about. There were hordes of savvy businesses who saw the opportunity for what it was and offered their community COVID-related content. Of course, you do want to make sure that whatever you’re sharing relates back to your business in some way. Ensure you’re clever about it.

 2.     Pull out an audience poll

Who doesn’t love a good poll? Perfect for Instagram stories which have an in-built poll feature, this is a great way to engage your audience whilst also mining them for valuable data. Not sure how to access the poll feature? This helpful article gives you a step by step.

 3.     Pick a meaty topic and convert it into a series

When you think about social media content ideas, you mostly go to small bite sized easy to share topics. Because, of course, that’s usually what works best on social media. However, that doesn’t exclude bigger topics entirely. It just means that you need to break them down. Creating a series is a simple and effective way to do this. Whether you share the series over consecutive days or spread it out across a longer period of time is up to you.

4.     Share the same piece of content in different ways

Take a leaf out of social media master Gary Vee’s book and repurpose one piece of content into various other pieces of content. Similar to creating a series, Gary Vee takes a video and converts it into 30+ pieces of what he calls ‘micro content’, each fitting for the platform it’s posted on. Following this formula, you could, for example, record a video for IGTV and turn it into a blog to share on Facebook and LinkedIn while taking snippets from the video for Instagram stories (and Snapchat) and stills for your feed.

5.     Run a competition

A great social media content idea for beefing up your followers is running a contest or a giveaway. You may like to collab with another brand to boost your exposure and access different audiences. Get your comp hopefuls to tag their friends and follow each brands account to maximise your reach.

6.     Do a Q&A

Another great one for Instagram stories (especially if you’d like to avoid going live or recording a video), a Q&A is another excellent way to get your audience engaging with you. The question could be broad or more specific to a product or service you offer—it’s up to you.

7.     Repurpose old popular content

Sure, repurposing isn’t delivering fresh or new content. But when you consider that only a small portion of your followers see any given piece of content you post, repurposing old content that gave you great results isn’t the worst thing to do. You may like to share old words with a different picture just to offer something slightly different or you could just frame it as ‘so good, worth sharing again’ and be transparent that it’s not new.