The difference between a logo and branding can be confusing, let’s take a look at the main differences. 

Logo and brand are words used a lot to mean the same thing. But designing a logo with no brand is like building a house with no frame. You might be able to get away with it, but things are going to get shaky pretty soon.

Nobody wants to live in a house built with sticks so let’s explore the difference between a logo and a brand so you can be clear about how they build successful businesses together.

Brand Identity Logo

1. What is a logo?

A logo is the graphic element that identifies a company or product. It’s usually a combination of type, colour or graphics. It will be used with other visuals (images, products, advertising etc.) as part of the visual expression of your brand.

2. What is logo design?

Logo design simply refers to the process of designing a logo. How we come up with ideas, refine concepts and finalise the design. We think the best, easily recognisable logos all share the same thing, which you can find out in this post This kind of logo will be the best way to go, every time.

But first, we have to take a step back to understand what makes a brand. Because without that strong foundation, you can’t really go too far with just a logo.

3. What is a brand?

A brand is the idea or feeling people have when they think about your business, product or service. A brand is both practical and emotional. Branding works outside your business. It’s both what people think you do, and how you do it.

The way you influence how your build your brand is through effective brand strategy, which includes defining your brand (your purpose and values), your brand positioning (where you sit in the market) and your brand expression (how you present your brand).

4. What does a logo do for a brand?  

A logo is an essential part of your brand identity.

Brand identity includes other things like your name, visual expression (colours, graphics, font, images), tone of voice (copy and content) and how you go about your business (service, staffing, product reliability and reputation).

Designed well and used correctly, a logo will:

  1. Allow people to recognise your brand easily
  2. Create consistency over different marketing channels
  3. Help build an emotional connection with your product or service
  4. Distinguish you from your competition
  5. Build brand loyalty

Logo vs branding: the final word

A logo is just one part of the overall expression of your brand.

We like to think of a well-designed logo as a stand-out feature. Capable of doing great things, but not everything. You need the whole package if you really want to build an industry-leading brand.