Let's work together to create a better future for the generations to come

James explaining what we do at Embark Agency

We’re here to make waves.

The good kind of wave where the ripple effect has a constructive impact on communities and the environment. In fact, we’ve made it our mission to create positive transformation in the world, one purposeful brand at a time.

We believe

  1. In curiosity, collaboration and community.
  2. That life is meant to be full of purpose and passion.
  3. That we all need to work together to create a better future for the generations to come.
Brand Strategy meeting

We strive to subvert the status quo.

To lead by example and show businesses that there is another way. Commerce and community don’t need to be at odds. We can rewrite the rules and pave a new path forward.

James discussing strategy with clients on Zoom

We best align with conscious brands who are riding the wave of change with us.

Those who flip the bird to the old order and are creating truly original and progressive solutions to benefit humankind.

We are

  1. Creatives who value structure.
  2. Entrepreneurs who value evolution.
  3. Systematic but don't follow the system.
  4. Dependable but not predictable.
  5. Flexible but we don't do the splits.

Oh, and we make a mean negroni.

Our driving force is our team

B Corp

Make Business a Force For Good.

We’re a pending certified B Corporation business because we’re committed to asking better questions of ourselves, our work and how we can impact our world for the better.

At the heart of our business lies a deep intention to be of service – to you, our clients, and to the world at large.

We value supporting our local economy, caring for the environment and giving back to the community. We collaborate and contribute to initiatives which help those in need because we believe in doing as we do not doing as we say.