A beacon of hope

Kelly Wilkinson Foundation

Comprehensive and immediate care to domestic violence survivors without the red tape.
What we did
Brand, Content, Strategy

In an ideal world, the Kelly Wilkinson Foundation wouldn’t exist. There would be no survivors of domestic violence because there would be no domestic violence.

Yet, the unfortunate truth is that household violence against women and children is still deeply imbedded in our society. While we work to eradicate this, the Kelly Wilkinson Foundation stands as a beacon of hope.

The Kelly Wilkinson Foundation is a safe haven for those who feel unmoored in the aftermath of domestic violence – a nurturing, inclusive environment that helps survivors to rebuild their lives.

Creating the logo mark
At the heart of the Foundation's visual representation is an intricately designed logo mark that draws inspiration from the Waratah. Using its shape and drawing on the significance of the flower, the symbol is a representation of the foundation’s purpose – to provide support and empowerment for people who are transitioning through an incomparably difficult time in their life. The Waratah is more than a visual element; it is a powerful metaphor, embodying strength, visibility, support, resilience, and the hope for a future without domestic violence.
Symbolism of the Waratah
The Waratah is not just an iconic native Australian flower, it carries profound layers of meaning. In many Indigenous Australian cultures, it is believed that the flower can help individuals tap into their inner strength and resilience and is often used in ceremonies and rituals to honour ancestors and connect with the land. The 'hand' of bracts at the base of the flower and the circle of strong leaves symbolise the foundation's promise of unwavering support by conveying a sense of holding, embracing, and reinforcing. The Waratah's resilience to above-ground trauma and its ability to regenerate new stems below ground signifies hope for the future, aligning seamlessly with the foundation's dedication to helping survivors rebuild and fostering a life free from violence. Additionally, as the 'flower of remembrance in absence,' the Waratah adds a poignant layer to the logo, honouring and remembering Kelly and other loved ones who have been lost.
More than just colour
The colour palette for the Kelly Wilkinson Foundation is a carefully curated spectrum that breathes life into the visual identity. Grounded in the steadfast resilience of deep green, the primary colour, and accentuated by the purity of off-white, the palette creates a foundation of strength and safety. The secondary palette introduces a vibrant array—teal, a symbol of support and healing; pink, representing compassion; yellow, embodying hope; orange, radiating warmth; and light blue, offering a calming presence. As a result the colour palette becomes more than a visual choice; it becomes an integral part of the narrative, expressing the essence and commitment of the Foundation.