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What we did
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The brainchild of three pioneering technologists who dared to step away from their safe and comfortable jobs, Skie are well established experts in the Salesforce partner arena. The word Skie represents ‘the cloud’ (cloud based apps and storage) and the old logo took a literal approach to this with a cloud encased in a hexagon. Not particularly clever or memorable. Their colour palette was also mainly blue which tied in with the majority of their competition. To make the brand unique in the marketplace, we chose to lean into the digital aspect of the brand. We selected some unique RGB colours that really stand out (and aren’t blue) while using gradient to give the effect of a cloud to accompany a simple yet bold combination mark.

Modernising the brand but offering a throwback to their original logo.
Our Skie combination mark represents the collaboration between customer and Salesforce. The overlap is where Skie takes over to ensure a smooth integration. The Mark also represents a circle and the letter ‘S’ for Skie. The logo is bold, robust and confirms Skie’s roots are firmly in the tech industry.
Unique branding that disrupts the Salesforce partner status quo.
The gradient graphic element is representative of the sky itself and is versatile and easy to use, both on its own over colour or as a photographic mask. It is a great way to represent the sky without being too literal. It’s allowed us to offer a throwback to the brand while also modernising it and really giving it strength and character.