The 4 copywriting strategies behind increasing customer engagement is something you can easily apply to your own content once you understand how it works. And there’s no secret algorithm or formula required.

You’ve spent enough hours on the internet to know a good article when you see one. The mix of words in a heading that compels you to click. Easy to read content that feeds your curiosity and answers your questions.

The simple reason some people get more views on their content is not because they have more knowledge or experience than you. It’s because they have achieved more clarity in their messaging.

When you have a clear message – and can articulate it in a few seconds or less – people are more likely to want to engage with you. If your audience has to think too hard about what you’re saying, you’ve lost them before you begin.

So how can you increase engagement through clear messaging? Try these 4 copywriting strategies to increasing customer engagement:

1. Start with a clear title

Content marketing strategy is about cultivating a relationship between your ideal customer and your business. Titles and headings do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to engaging your audience, so make sure your heading gives people a reason to stop scrolling and start connecting.

Try putting yourself in your readers’ position by ask questions like: ‘What do I wish I knew about this before I started? What’s the biggest obstacle here?’ Now challenge yourself to convey this idea in a short statement or questions that will become your clear title.

2. Aim for clarity over cleverness

Even the world’s most brilliant writers get stuck writing headlines. But remember the aim is not to write a creative headline that nobody will read because it’s hard to understand. The aim is to make it really easy to understand. Clear messaging will do more to set you apart than being witty or unconventional – so put the work into streamlining your idea into a clear message that lets the content speak for itself.

3. Write from your customers’ perspective

If you want to increase engagement, you really need to make sure your content is covering topics that add value to your customers. What are their challenges? How can you help make their life easier? Can you offer advice that will save them time or money? If you’re not sure what you have to offer your customers, it’s time to do some more research on your USP.

4. Be consistent with your engagement

Even if you do apply all these tips and nail some clear messaging on your next blog, there’s little point if you don’t follow it up. Successful content marketing strategy relies on building an ongoing relationship with your ideal customer over time. It doesn’t work as a one-off. If you’re struggling with this, you might like to check out the no.1 reason your content marketing strategy is failing.

Remember, the simple strategy to increase customer engagement is to focus on clarity.

Streamline your message and there’ll be a clear-cut reason click on you.