A website chatbot is an integrated pop up chat interface that a user can interact with. You can program them to chat with your customers in a conversational manner so that, while users will know it’s clearly not a real person, they’re still interacting with your brand voice.

You might think that your business is too small to warrant the use of a website chatbot. You’d be wrong. Here are five reasons why you should consider adding a chatbot to your website asap.

1. A website chatbot is 24/7 customer service

Don’t fancy being available yourself 24/7 (or paying someone to be)? With a chatbot, you can still catch those midnight scrollers and early risers without having to be ‘on’ yourself. Plus, chatbots don’t take sick days or need lunch breaks—you just can’t match their availability.

That instant interaction means the potential customer has an immediate connection to your brand and that translates to a higher chance of a sale.

2. It reduces those incoming frequently asked questions that tie up your team

How often do you or your team have to answer the same questions over and over again? By adding FAQS, customers can find their own answers to their questions, with a little help from your chatbot friend. This frees up your team to focus on other important aspects of their roles and/or to assist customers with more specific enquiries.

3. It provides you with valuable insight and data

A website chatbot not only helps your customers to understand your brand better, it also helps you to understand your customer better. The silent, constant observer, your chatbot allows you to track valuable information. What topics do your customers want to know more about? What questions do they most want answered? With this kind of insight you’re then able to build content that is better shaped to your audience.

4. It integrates seamlessly with live chat

Chatbots can only do so much. There will, of course, be questions that they’re unable to answer. However, you can use them to take your customer to a point where the superfluous questions are answered. Your team can then step in further down the line where a customer is more likely to be ready to move to the next stage of the buying process.

5. It will increase conversions

The data is clear: website chatbots can increase website conversion rates from 10-100%. Yes that rate is wildly variable. This is because they are more effective for certain industries such as construction, energy, consulting, marketing, software, staffing, travel and IT services. However, even a 10% conversion rate is significant and well worth the cost of installing a chatbot to your website.