We’ve all done it. Realised we missed an important deadline and push to have something done urgently. It usually lacks planning, is underprepared and we are already feeling stressed from being behind the eight ball.

If rush jobs are familiar to you, then you’re probably paying more in graphic design costs than you need to. Not to mention that you’re probably not getting the best out of your designers. While all designers are capable of doing things on the fly, the best designs take preparation, planning and space to breath.

Client challenges

  1. Are you sometimes surprised when you get your bill?
  2. Are you constantly contacting your designer last minute?
  3. Do you know what you want?
  4. Do you feel you can trust your designer to deliver on the task?

Our solution

We can do last minute design but the quality and attention to detail will suffer, potentially impacting on your brand. We recommend you spend the time to put together a well thought out brief to help us nail what you are after. We live and breathe design, put your trust in us and our experience. We only want what’s best for your brand! Micromanaging the design process will increase your bill and probably give you an inferior product. We work best with a thorough brief and the space to be creative.

Take away message

When hiring a designer you need to have a clear vision of what you are asking them to do and give them a reasonable amount of time to complete the task. Trust and lean on our experience, this is what we do and love.