Is finding new content for your content marketing strategy keeping you up at night?

The content game can be draining. It’s a raging bonfire that needs constant new material. Yet we (hopefully) all know how important consistent, high-quality content is to a business’s online presence. It impacts on audience decision making more than any other technique. And it is, friends, one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged.

There’s one topic that should definitely feature in your content marketing strategy. It will build customer loyalty and go a long way to creating raving fans.

Your mission.

Too often a company’s mission and content marketing plan are considered as separate entities. Yet, your mission – particularly if it’s one that resonates strongly with your audience (and it should be) – can be a great source of inspiration from which to draw content.

Merging your mission with your content marketing strategy will build brand consistency

Your mission will be infused with your values and long-term plans. As such, it’s a key part of your brand’s core identity. By creating content that’s inspired by your mission, you’re creating a direct link between your audience and your brand in a way that’s going to demonstrate your authenticity and integrity. For example, let’s say your mission is to reduce waste in the world. And, as part of that, you’re operating a paperless office. By sharing this policy with your audience, you’re showing them how you practise what you preach.

How to draw content from your mission

Beyond simply sharing what you’re personally doing to meet your mission in your content marketing strategy, you can share content with your audience that will help them to do the same. Let’s take the paperless office example from above. You could write a post sharing tips for how other people can make the switch themselves. In other words, create a deeper association between your mission or objectives with any causes by drawing new content from them. If there’s an educational component to what you’re doing, you can point your audience to any new developments or interesting case studies. The options are endless. Just make sure you keep your brand voice and demographic in mind to ensure you remain consistent and compelling.