The best marketing approach to increase revenue is to clearly explain features and benefits, right? Well sure, maybe a decade ago.

These days, savvy buyers need more than this. So. Much. More. And they need it fast. According to a Microsoft study, the attention span of the digital customer is eight seconds and this is rapidly shortening at a rate of around 88% each year.

In our modern marketing-saturated world, features and benefits are helpful—but they don’t convert. And they often take too much time to read.

Instead, one of the best ways you can increase revenue through marketing is to present an offer which delivers a result that your customer simply cannot resist.

A company that famously found success with this approach is Domino’s Pizza. Their strategy was to deliver customers a promise: get your pizza in 30 minutes or it’s free. At the time, Pizza Hut was the favoured pizza establishment, but this results-based offer quickly began to turn the tide. Nobody wants to wait too long for their food—when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. The promise of free pizza, if it arrived outside the guaranteed window, was enough to compel people to choose them—even if they preferred the taste of other pizza outlets.

This one offer led to such an increase in revenue that they are now the largest pizza delivery company in the US.

So, how can you do the same?

Make a list of all the results that your customers have achieved with your service or product. If you’re not sure, mine your testimonials for insights.

Once you’ve got your list, decide which of these results you would like to convert into an offer. And then construct a sentence that conveys this result.

With the right offer you’ll quickly see an increase in revenue and customer interest.

The important thing? Only promise what you can actually deliver on. Otherwise you’re just going to irritate your customers. Alternatively, take a leaf out of Domino’s book and offer a result that delivers your customer with something worthwhile if you don’t keep your promise.