Blogging is a great way to connect with your audience while providing genuinely helpful information, but what blog topics should you be writing about?

It can quickly become a headache when you run out of blog topics to cover. While there are many blog topics that are industry specific, here are five that transcend any business:

        1. Discuss a common problem
        2. Explain what your audience might be doing wrong
        3. Detail a case study
        4. Write a “how to” post
        5. Cover a keyword

1.     Discuss a common problem

Your product or service is there to solve a problem for your audience. This makes covering common problems that relate to your business or industry a great blog topic. Sit down and think about what it is that you’re offering your customers and what kinds of problems you’re resolving. Dissect those problems and then provide solutions. You’ll probably find that there are plenty of common problems for you to get through!

2.     Explain what your audience might be doing wrong

No one likes to make mistakes so writing a blog about what not to do can really pull people in. In fact, blog posts that have negative superlatives (like “don’t”, “stop” or “avoid”) have a 63% higher click through rate than those with positive superlatives (such as “best”, “biggest” or “greatest). So go on, get on your high horse and point out what your audience might be doing wrong!

3.     Detail a case study

Case studies make excellent blog topics because they give your audience an opportunity to understand your value. Essentially what you’re doing is taking a problem that one of your clients or customers had and explaining how you solved it. It’s a great way to give your audience a glimpse of what they might expect if they decide to make a purchase.

4.     Write a ‘how to’ post

Like the hot content warning on a takeaway coffee cup, some ‘how to’ posts can be unnecessary. If the ‘how’ is self-explanatory, don’t go there. But if there are a number of ways to use your product or service, it’s helpful to ensure your audience knows about them.

5.     Cover a keyword

Using keywords as a way to guide your blog topics can not only open you up to cover a broad range of subjects, as an added bonus it’s great for SEO too. Not sure what the best keywords might be? Using the website Answer the Public can help you to discover what customers in your industry are asking about.