Preparing for a website build? There are a few things you need to do before heading to a web designer. We can’t create a website without knowing what your goals are, what messages you are trying to convey and of course, the overall user experience.

One of the biggest challenges all web designers face is working out the scope of the website—the size and the time involved. This is where you come in.

Client Challenges

  1. The website build costs keep going up
  2. You change your mind halfway through the build

Our Solution

Websites are an ever changing and challenging product. The technology involved in functionality and layout can make a massive difference in overall cost to you. It is vital to address 3 important areas before you start looking for a quote for a website.

  1. Design: How do you want it to look?
  2. Size: How many pages do you need?
  3. User Experience: What functions do you want each page to perform?

If eCommerce

  • Products: How many products do you have?
  • Delivery: How do you get your products to your customers?
  • Communication: How do you want orders communicated to your customers?
  • Location: Local, national or international deliveries?
  • Payment: What payment process did you want?

There are so many areas of website building that can affect the cost. Nutting out all this information before you get a quote will help eliminate any nasty surprises and help us quote apples for apples.