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Brand strategy

Future proof your business

Brand strategy is all about guiding the perception and position of your brand in the marketplace. How you present yourself – the look, feel and messaging of your brand – will influence who you attract. But before any of that comes the foundational strategy. Who are you? What do you stand for? Why do you exist and how are you different you’re your competitors? Whether it’s building a new brand from the ground up or refreshing an existing one, our strategist will help you to define your purpose, values and messaging while providing effective tactics to zero in on your target audience.

What we do
  • Workshops and sprints
  • Brand and website strategy
  • Tone of voice
  • Messaging and brand story
  • Stewardship
  • Business planning

Brand Strategy for Touch Textiles
Brand Strategy for Be There
Brand Strategy for Skie
Brand Strategy for Sitrus
Ready, aim, fire

Become their only choice

When you shoot an arrow at a target, you aim for the bullseye. You need to do the same with your business – and this is what a brand strategy session with our expert strategist will provide.

  • Understand how to market your product or service directly to your customers by taking a deep dive on who they are and what they need.
  • Gain clarity on your business and the reason you exist to help showcase your ‘why’.
  • Come away with an engaging brand positioning statement, promise and story plus a unique selling point, tagline and clearly defined values, purpose and mission – all of which will help you to shape your messaging.
  • We also offer packages that engage our design team to develop the look and feel of your brand, shaping its personality and identity while delivering a brand tool kit to help you remain consistent across all touchpoints.

Inspiring and illuminating, even the most basic package will give you exactly what you need to establish a rock-solid foundation for your brand. Don’t try to please everyone. Instead, differentiate yourself as a market leader in your industry. Become an ‘only choice’ brand.

While we are based on the Gold Coast, our brand strategy packages are delivered online so you can benefit from them regardless of where you are located.

Brand Strategy for Hock & Go
Brand Strategy for Clarkes Commercial Construction
Brand Strategy for Humiscope
Brand Strategy for Skie

Meet your brand strategist

James Coulson
Brand Consultant
James Coulson {title==="Web Design" ? "Web" : "Brand"} Strategist
A logo without a strategy is just decoration.

I am a Certified Brand Consultant and entrepreneur, with over two decades of dedication to the design industry, now at the forefront of Embark Agency, a creative powerhouse on the Gold Coast. My proven expertise, demonstrated by developing and delivering over $15 million in brand consulting and design services, fuels my passion for guiding business leaders in creating purposeful, transformative brands. I'm privileged to serve as a business coach and facilitator, working closely with esteemed Australian business mentor, Kerwin Rae, and committed to making a lasting, impactful difference in your brand's journey.

The ideal fit

We best align with conscious brands.

Those who are riding the wave of change with us, flipping the bird to the old order by creating truly original and progressive solitions that benefit humankind. And that's because we are on a mission to transform the world, one purposeful brand at a time. You can learn more about this in our manifesto.

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