Working towards eliminating violence in the community

Be there

A domestic violence bystander support app
What we did
Brand, Strategy, Web

If we are to eliminate violence in the community, it’s up to all of us to act. Enter the Be There app, a pocket resource full of valuable information to help end domestic violence.

Developed MATE Bystander, the Be There app provides people with access to support, knowledge and guidance to show up, create safety and be there for a loved one, friend or even a stranger who may be experiencing domestic violence. After working with MATE for the last few years, they came to us to help flesh out the brand and website for their new app.

Domestic violence is indiscriminate so taking an inclusive approach was an important part of the brand strategy.
We opted for illustrations that featured people with disabilities and with different cultural backgrounds to symbolise that this is an app accessible to everyone. While the stock photos chosen intentionally focused on people who weren’t facing the camera to convey that sense of inclusivity, we also made a point of including personal touch and supportive body language to maintain a sense of welcome and approachability.
Our process included multiple strategy meetings with the MATE Bystander team and their partners.
We then took the key brand insights gleaned from these meetings and began to develop them into the Be There brand identity. The result: a brand identity that creates warmth whilst also maintaining a sense of authority, that is welcoming, empowering, authentic and reassuring.
In order for a brand to be effective, it needs to be consistent.
We spent a big chunk of time working with the Be There app team crafting the perfect strategy, messaging and branding collateral. It was only right then to take all of this and put it into a brand book for the team to refer back to whenever they were developing something new for the brand. We detailed everything from the verbal to the visual. We love how this app inspires everyone to safely play a role in eliminating violence in the community by offering strategies that can empower them to step up. We can’t wait to see the impact it has on the community over the years.

The Embark crew are grounded in a genuine passion for your vision to be brought to life. Nothing is too much, and no one is left behind. They are engaging, fun, creative geniuses who take pride in delivering on their promise to you as their client. As a client, we now feel like family and not just any old family, family they cherish and look after.

Shaan Ross-Smith

Director, MATE Program, Griffith University; Chair of the Board of Directors

James, Phil and the entire Embark team have been a dream to work with. They work intuitively and gently guided us through a branding process that we were extremely unfamiliar with.

Anoushka Dowling

Assistant Director, MATE Program