A festival website built with the future in mind


Creating an immersive online experience.
What we did

The Gold Coast’s annual contemporary arts festival, Bleach* has a growing national and international reputation for weaving experiences and stories that are out of the box, authentic and uniquely connected to place.

We were given the bold 2020 festival branding and tasked with bringing it to life online. Additionally, we were asked to create a website with the ability to scale in years to come with their projected future growth.

Bleach* Festival website mobile on mobile phone screens
A digital collage of website wireframes
Planning for the future

As scalability was a key component of the project, we started with website wireframes and prototypes to ensure what we built had the capacity to meet future requirements.

Optimised for devices

Since most festival goers would be accessing the website via their mobiles, significant time went into ensuring that every detail on the website was optimised for devices.

Bleach* Festival event banner mockup on website
Hero imagery
To create an immersive experience, we implemented bold and striking images that would engage the browser whilst also giving them an idea of what they could expect from the events.
Bleach* Festival Plan your Festival page mockup
It’s in the detail
To continue the immersive experience, every last detail was customised, including rollovers that would bring the brand to life.
Bleach* Festival events overview page
Event Filtering
To ensure easy navigation and optimum accessibility, we created customised filters for the event which allowed a user to search by date, location and genre.
Bleach* Festival artist event imagery
Bleach* Festival website events feed
Information at a glance
Knowing that most people wanted to be able to access event details quickly and effortlessly, we included date, location, ticketing type and genre tags to offer a quick snapshot of the event they were viewing.
Bleach* Festival website mobile on mobile phone
Simplifying content
With mobile browsing in mind, tabs were added to event pages that enabled a user to switch between ticketing and event information with ease. This simplified the mobile experience and reduced excessive scrolling.
Bleach* Festival website. Showcasing backend and frontend setup
Behind the scenes
Since scalability meant that future changes would be necessary, the backend functionality was just as important as the frontend look of the website. We created a future friendly flexible CMS that allowed Bleach* staff to add events, locations and other content with ease. With such robust and flexible infrastructure, the organisation’s digital presence can easily continue to evolve alongside their future events.
Bleach* Festival website mockup

Just wanted to say thanks for your professional advice, meeting our brief and rolling out such a smooth process through to go live. It’s been a pleasure working with the team.

Nicole Klein

Marketing & Communications Manager, Placemakers