Branding for this iconic local music festival

Blues on Broadbeach

Bigger, bolder and ‘blues-ier’ than ever.
What we did
Brand, Web

Having grown into one of the largest music festivals in the country, Blues on Broadbeach is a significant tourism event for the Gold Coast. Organisers, Major Events Gold Coast, approached us with a logo asking us to flesh out the rest of the branding collateral and overhaul the website design for their 2020 event.

Branding that grows with the event
The brief was to bring the 2020 Blues on Broadbeach event to life by revising their website design and event collateral. Their key target audience was music tourists from around Australia – both male and female aged 35+ -- and, to a less extent, Gold Coast locals. As their current website user experience was clunky for both the end user and internal staff, they were also keen to improve this. Finally, to establish a consistent brand that they could carry forward beyond the year’s event, they sought a style guide.
Blues on Broadbeach social announcement mockups
Blues on Broadbeach social media tiles, mobile
Blues on Broadbeach 2020 artist lineup
Little tweaks for greater impact
The key colour in the original brand was black. We adjusted this to blue for a softer more approachable feel that still complemented the other colours in the palette. The design featured palm trees to reference the Gold Coast location and symbolise the Broadbeach streets which are lined with them. To connect with the 35+ audience, we opted for a clean and simple design. To streamline the website user experience for both patrons and internal staff, we mapped out all the important information to optimise the customer journey and ensure quick and efficient changes in the backend.
Blues on Broadbeach website on mobile phone
A pivot during COVID-19
As a result of COVID-19 the 2020 Blues on Broadbeach event was cancelled. As so much hard work had already gone in to organising the event and artist. Major Events Gold Coast collaborated with videographers and the artists to put together a “live steam” event. Based on the Blues on Broadbeach branding we created a new logo for “Bandwidth” and assisted in rolling out some digital advertising collateral.
Blues on Broadbeach website displayed on a tablet
Blues on Broadbeach presentation mocked up on a laptop
Blues on Broadbeach mobile app
Blues on Broadbeach social media tiles on a mobile phone

The team at Embark have been my design and brand lifeline for over 5-years now. It’s the thinking and passion they put behind every element of their design, that blows we away every time. Yep. Every time! I truly see Embark as our internal, but really external, design & dev team.

Lisa Lees

General Manager, Marketing and Communications, Major Events Gold Coast