Developing young men along the journey to manhood through role modelling and mentoring.

Men of Business Academy

Men of Business Academy students eating lunch
To reflect a more masculine, rough around the edges brand, we opted to keep it simple with mainly black and white colours throughout.
What we did
Brand, Strategy, Web

We sat down with the Men of Business team to establish an approach to their branding. As a school, the brand had to be clean and professional. Yet, the team were clear from the outset that the brand look nothing like a school. We were asked to create a masculine looking brand that would appeal to the youth and look a bit rough around the edges.

The creative development process was established through a series of workshops as well as hours of research. This helped us to develop the mood boards that reflected the team’s desired approach and offer them a shortlist of options from which they could choose.

Men of Business Academy Logo
Our Directors James and Phil from Embark are proud founding fathers of the Academy.
From the moment we met with Marco (MOB Director) we were sold on the concept that by helping the young boys of our community we will have the ability to create better, more responsible and authentic young men. The initial branding and web development was all donated to the cause.
A classroom setting within Men of Business Academy
Group of students attending class at Men of Business Academy
Young man practicing boxing with red gloves
Men of Business website displayed on a laptop
MOB have recently decided to add a colour to their increasingly visible and growing brand.
The school is growing in leaps and bounds. The building next door has just been aquired and they are in talks to open another school in the Southern end of the Gold Coast/Tweed area. Due to the increasing complexity and evolution of the brand we have introduced the colour orange. Generally, orange signifies shelter, allowing us to evade any grief or disappointment that may be dominating our minds. The color promotes rejuvenation, positivism, and optimism. Orange can foster encouragement, motivation, and drive during our trying times.
A mockup of a Men of Business Academy lanyard
A mockup of Men of Business Academy business cards
A mockup of a Men of Business Academy booklet
Men of Business Academy pull up banner
Example Men of Business Academy car signage
A collage of different Men of Business Academy brand elements
A collage of Men of Business Academy polaroid photographs
Men of Business Academy website displayed on two computer screens
Men of Business Academy website displayed on two mobile phones

Their passion, dedication and intuition has been an invaluable asset to the success of our business. They are absolute experts in their field, always going above and beyond to support our ideas and we feel blessed to have them part of our MOB Academy family.

Courtney Primmer

Brand Manager, Men of Business Academy