Here’s the simplest brand strategy for any business.

An easy way to talk about branding is ‘matchmaking your business to your customer’. Building a brand strategy around this fundamental idea can help you create an ecosystem that delivers better market positioning, easier sales, more customer retention and more revenue for your business.

Not sure where to start? Try this simple brand strategy – it’s the easiest strategy we know – and see what results come up for you.

Remember, brand strategy is your customer facing strategy. It’s your plan for how you want to interact with your customers. Sure it includes other elements like how you present yourself (your visual brand identity) and how you communicate (your messaging and brand story). But before any of that can make a difference you need to understand your ideal customers.

So let’s start with one simple question:

Why should they choose us?


  • What motivates our customers?
  • What are our customers’ needs and wants?
  • What is our unique brand offering?


  • Who are they?
  • What does our ideal customer look like?


  • What are their other choices?
  • What is our brand positioning and who is our competition?


Ok so that was more than one question. But you get the idea!

Sometimes the simplest questions can be the trickiest ones too. If this exercise has prompted more questions than answers, let’s have a chat about brand strategy. We can help you understand your ideal customers and create a brand that delivers the value they’re looking for.