Most of the time, your website is the first point of contact for a customer. It’s also usually from their personal device, not a computer. It’s really important to design with this in mind. Our job is to make sure your website responds perfectly on every device.

A great website should be easy to navigate with clear messaging and excellent hierarchy.

Client challenges

  1. Does your website look professional and inviting?
  2. How’s the user experience, do your customers know where to go when they hit your home page or do they get lost?
  3. Will your website convert a browser into a buyer?
  4. Does your website respond to personal devices?

Our solution

As well as looking professional and inviting, thought must go into the UX – User Experience. We design on a 2 click philosophy, if your customer can’t get to where they need to be in 2 clicks you will probably lose them (especially those millennials). The website needs to be clear and easy to use as many people do not have the time to read these days, especially when searching multiple websites for a service or product. Filling your site with thousands of words is pointless and overwhelming to the user… you may as well wave them goodbye.

Your website should be clean, professional and easy to navigate. Tell your customer how you can solve their problem as quickly as possible to increase your browsers conversion and your bottom line.
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